Presentation Day

Class, presentation day is almost upon us. It is scheduled for 10am-12:30pm on Tuesday, July 24. Remember that attendance is mandatory. Please arrive early. Do not enter the classroom while someone is presenting or your will be penalized for rudeness.

I will arrive in the classroom by 9:30 am. If you have a slide show, you might want to arrive early to set it up. I’ll assist if needed.

Here’s how it will work: when you arrive, you will choose a number out of a hat. This will be your presentation order. Currently, there are eleven active members in the class. At ten minutes maximum per presentation, this gives us 110 minutes. We should have just enough time to get through everyone’s. You will be penalized for going over your allotted time.

Remember presentations should range from six to nine minutes in duration. Less than six is too little; more than nine is too much. I will hold up signs during the presentations: one at two minutes; one at one minute; and one at thirty seconds. I will cut you off at nine minutes. Aim for seven minutes: this will allow time for any questions/discussion.

A couple of pointers: remember to introduce yourself. Smile. Have a point to make (we call this a thesis, formally). Speak clearly. Have a visual aid or two, but to not rely on them for the success of your presentation. Remember, we’re not looking for a report, but a critical engagement of a cultural idea related to the semester’s topic(s). Relating your topic to course texts would be a strong approach.

Finally, please review the chapter on oral presentations and the oral presentation rubric.

I’ll see everyone before 10am on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to it.