London as Text Revised

I sent the following in an email, but post it here again for your reference.

As you hopefully have noticed, the server for ( is unaffected) is down. Since I’m out-of-town for several weeks, I cannot fix it. Therefore, we have to make some modifications to how you’ll complete your coursework before we go to London.

Get a blog on Blogger or Wordpress to use for the class. Send me an email with the URL (or add it in a comment below) when you have gotten it so I can add it to the course web site.

Secondly, sign up for an account on Humanites Online. The enrollment key was sent in the email; contact me again, if you need it. Humanities Online is where you will complete your forums. The first one on Turner is ready to go, and the others should also be there today. I recommend you begin on these immediately as you have a lot to do in very little time.

The syllabus is still on LitMUSE. I will be updating it to reflect these changes. Please see the site for subsequent communications about the class.

Sorry for the last minute changes, but they can’t be helped. Please contact me ASAP if you have any questions or difficulties — or post a comment below. You have no time to waste as we leave in just over two weeks!