First Submissions Graded

New Media students, your initial contributions for Big Jelly have been graded — comments and all.

This grade has a maximum of 30 points, so if your total is over that, the extra points will be applied to the new submission cycle on March 29.

Many of you elected to post only comments for your submissions. I accepted them all this time, but please note that I will be limiting comment points to 40 maximum. I agree that comments are important to this activity, but I also want everyone to submit formal posts: blogs, notes, reviews, and/or articles. I encourage you to keep commenting, just in case you need some extra points at the end. I have been generally happy with the quality of the comments, so I would like to see that continue.

If you did not have a post accepted for publication this time around, do not fret. You still have two more cycles to do so: 40 points will be due on 3/29 and 30 points will be due on 5/3. I have updated the syllabus to reflect these changes.

Finally, I would encourage everyone to review “Blogging: Some Considerations" — especially the information box in the middle. Remember, you are not reporters and Big Jelly is not a newspaper. The idea is that you add something to the conversation. Your thoughtful, informed opinion is what makes blogging unique. Just repeating a cool story about new media will not suffice on its own.

Everyone’s writing is improving. Keep practicing, and don’t wait until the last moment to submit. I won’t be as generous the second time around.