Active Learning

Our study will attempt to emphasize creating a supportive classroom climate for active learning through a positive group building process.

Since active learning is student orientated and may appear to involve risk-taking, the course will focus on establishing trust, confidence, and respect between the professor and students and among the students. To advance this climate and encourage the positive outcomes and benefactors of risk-taking, I will be clear, organized, current, and well prepared, but flexible and personal.

I will minimize the pain of student error making by separating learning from evaluating, and I will provide graduated and individualized risk-taking opportunities that will make learning worthwhile and exciting. Students will participate in this cooperative effort to build a supportive classroom atmosphere by coming to class on time and prepared with thoughtfully completed reading/writing assignments, by asking pertinent questions and sharing experiences and viewpoints, by reaching out personally to the professor and other students, by showing cooperation and respect, and providing positive feedback to the professor and peers.